a well-written mainstream article on fMRI?!

Craig Bennett, of prefrontal.org and dead salmon fame, links to a really great Science News article on the promises and pitfalls of fMRI. As Bennett points out, the real gem of the article is the “quote of the week” from Nikos Logethetis (which I won’t spoil for you here; you’ll have to do just a little more work to get to it). But the article is full of many other insightful quotes from fMRI researchers, and manages to succinctly and accurately describe a number of recent controversies in the fMRI literature without sacrificing too much detail. Usually when I come across a mainstream article on fMRI, I pre-emptively slap the screen a few times before I start reading, because I know I’m about to get angry. Well, I did that this time too, so my hand hurts per usual, but at least this time I feel pretty good about it. Kudos to Laura Sanders for writing one of the best non-technical accounts I’ve seen of the current state of fMRI research (and that, unlike a number of other articles in this vein, actually ends on a balanced and optimistic note).