in which I apologize for my laziness, but not really

I got back from the Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting last week. I was planning to write a post-CNS wrap-up thing like I did last year and the year before that, but I seem to have misplaced the energy that’s supposed to fuel such an exercise. So instead I’ll just say I had a great time and leave it at that. What happens in Chicago stays in Chicago, etc. etc.

Also, I really appreciate all the people who came up to me at CNS and said nice things about this blog–it’s nice to know that someone actually reads this (puzzling, mind you, because I’m not sure why anyone reads this, but nice nonetheless). A couple of people encouraged me to blog more often, so I’m making an effort to do that, though the most likely outcome will be miserable failure. Either that or I’ll just start pasting random YouTube videos in this space. Like this one:

p.s. on re-reading that, it kind of make it sound like I was swarmed by adoring fans at CNS. To clarify: “all the people” means, like, four people, and the “nice things” were really more like lukewarm “oh yeah, your blog’s not totally awful” sentiments.

p.p.s. I’ve noticed that a lot of my shorter posts take the form of “I was going to write about X, but I’m not actually going to write about X.” I think this is because I’m very lazy but still want partial credit for having good intentions. Which is kind of ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “in which I apologize for my laziness, but not really”

  1. I’ve found over the years that I simply can’t read every interesting text I stumble across, lest I never get anything else done. (This may be why I own a thousand yet-to-be-read books: I can read them in 30 years when I’m safely retired.) So I tend not to follow blogs that have a zillion posts a day; I prefer irregular, but thoughtful, to regular and trivial. I have absolutely no clue how I got here originally, other than that I was following a “this is a good post” pointer from sonewhere else.

  2. Garrett, yeah, the point is well taken. I don’t intend to start link spamming just for the sake of posting more frequently. But I used to post every other day or so, and would like to get back to that.

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